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The soft glow of the setting sun bathed the scene in a warm, golden light...

Brandon gazed with admiration as Misty walked down the aisle in her aerial white dress. Their hands clasped and they began to say their vows surrounded by friends and family. 

As we photographed this moment, time seemed to slow down. The world faded into the background and we witnessed the magic. 

Eight years ago we began photographing weddings and the magic has never faded. Our journey as wedding photographers began when Glenn purchased our first camera. We had fun photographing our family, friends and events.

But one big day, Glenn was asked to photograph a wedding. Even though, he was intimidated to take the task, because of how meaningful it is, he decided to take the leap. Fast forward, 8 years later, we are photographing couples that are refined and elegant, dream big and are daringly fun.


A delicate balance of trendy and timless

inspired by nostalgia for the past, we find 

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Absolutely phenomenal experience with our wedding photographers, Glenn and Nadya! From the moment we connected, their professionalism blew us away. They effortlessly blended festivities, making us feel completely at ease, while ensuring every moment was beautifully captured. Their creativity and eye for detail truly set them apart. The resulting photos were beyond our dreams! Choosing Glenn and Nadya was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!

Our search for the perfect Virginia Beach wedding photographer led us to an absolute gem! Working with Glenn and Nadya was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, coupled with their friendly and accommodating nature, made the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. The resulting images were amazing. Each photo was a masterpiece, filled with beautiful colors and genuine emotions.

Glenn and Nadya are the best wedding photographers we could  have wished for our wedding! They went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and SATISFACTION, turning OUR PHOTOGRAPHIC DREAMS INTO A STUNNING REALITY.  We highly recommend them to anyone looking for photographers in Virginia Beach who can transform moments into timeless treasures. 

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